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    24 Amazing Body Paintings That Will Mess With Your Head

    The Exquisite Art of Body Painting When some people hear the word “body painting,” they will automatically think about tattoos, but trust me when I say, body painting is not just about tattoos. Creativity has no limits. Art is one of the ways in which human beings show their talented and brilliant minds. Fortunately for […] More

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    32 Illusion Cakes From the Bake King That Will Blow Your Mind

    Artists always amaze us with their creative ideas. They see the world through a different lens. When we hear the word “artist,” what often comes to our minds are painters or even sculptors. No one would think about food artists. Food art has always been there, think of a mom who creates happy faces from […] More

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    These Animal Paintings Look So Real They Will Blow Your Mind

    Wild animals always amaze us with their beauty. There is so much power in their eyes, something majestic about the way they look. Their free spirit is what makes them stand out. They don’t answer to us. They have their own amazing lives and adventures. Many stories have tried to capture what goes on in […] More

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    This Artist Has So Much Power Over What Happens on TV Shows and Cartoons (Video)

    I’ve been following social media this week, and as always it is a gold mine of creative ideas. There is this artist who “disneyfies” pets photos. A group of artists, all over the internet, who paid tribute to the pregnant elephant who died after eating a deadly pineapple by honoring her with their beautiful drawings. […] More

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    +20 Stunning Surreal Photographs Straight Out of Your Dreams

    Surrealist photographs, with their exquisite creations, have proven that visual art has no boundaries and the world of dreams and parallel universes are real. Through stunning Photoshop skills and a fairly untamed imagination, Justin Peters has presented us with these amazing photographs, caring for no logic or reason. Peters creates surreal scenes setting them up in real life. One example is a […] More

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    What Would Happen If Our Favorite Characters Just Grew Old? #7 is Adorable.

    Despite the fact that the characters and superheroes we know are immortal and timeless, the Russian artist, Lesya Guseva, used her vivid imagination and came up with these beautiful and epic illustrations picturing old aging superheroes. Lesya Guseva’s Instagram account has gained over than 28k followers in the last couple of days because of these illustrations having Spider-Man knitting with […] More

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    Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife

    Yehuda Devir is a comic artist and the creator of the web comic “One of those days”. In the comic, Yehuda draws inspiration from his marriage life with his wife Maya, Illustrating moments from their daily life together in a fun, humorous way. “Never take anything for granted. It’s the small things that makes your relationship unique”. […] More

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    +10 Funny Illustrations Imagining If Things Could Talk!

    Teo Zirinis, a Greek designer and illustrator inspired by food, cartoons, books and everyday life. The illustrator says on his website that he always looks at the funny side of things, turning them into drawings for as long as he can remember. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments! #1 […] More

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    Artist Turning Kids’ Art Into Reality!

    Child’s own is a website founded by Wendy Tsao, an artist and a mother, who’s bringing children’s creations to life. Wendy started crafting plush toys after falling in love with the doodles and drawings of her children. The concept shortly caught on with hundreds of families who also wanted to bring their kids’ art into life. Here are some of […] More

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