Calm Colorful Apartment in Madrid

Having a nice, peaceful apartment doesn’t mean getting expensive furniture and bulking the apartment with a lot of stuff. You can have the best apartment that really reflects your desires using only simple touches. The secret to a nicely designed apartment is always the amazing decorative touches used no matter how simple the design is. This is a simple apartment found in Madrid that reflects a calm design in which colors where used in interior decoration a lot which is the main reason behind the beauty of the design. In this apartment, white is the basic color used throughout the apartment, you can see white walls, ceiling, and furniture. This move is smart because it reflects a calm ambiance, and also gives a base color that can match with any other colors, which is the best part since a lot of colors were blended in the design. The living room includes a white sofa that has a lot of colored and printed cushions on it, and a colored chair and an ottoman are also placed in the color yellow matching with the yellow cushions on the sofa. A side table is placed having various plants on it to aid in the decorative touch along with a colored cloth that’s hung on the wall. A lot of portraits are seen in the living room in various colors to add a cheerful ambiance.

The area beside the living room is used as an open kitchen that also includes a small dining set consisting of a white round table and two chairs that come in red and blue; very colorful. The kitchen includes white cabinetry and built-in stove, refrigerator, and microwave. A flower vase is added on the dining table to add a more colorful touch. The bedroom includes a double bed that comes with white bedding while a green blanket is added. A big mirror is placed beside the bed having an amazing frame. Pillow covers come in different prints and colors, and a white canopy curtain is used to add a romantic touch to the bedroom. Another touch of color in the bedroom is seen through a brown armchair that seems very comfortable. Now, concerning the bathroom, it is truly amazing. The bathroom comes in white, and a shelving unit is found which includes a lot of stuff stored in it in a really beautiful way like towels, shower gels, and even candles. An amazing chic chandelier is added in the bathroom which makes it well lighted and adds a nice decorative touch.

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