Burberry Winter 2013 Outfits for Women by Stylish Eve

Burberry Winter 2013 Outfits for Women by Stylish Eve


It’s Burberry time! Yes, of course: any time is Burberry time, but winter is especially fun when Burberry adds some deeper reds with black print or charcoals and grays. The collages shown at Stylish Eve incorporate both the lighter and darker camel of the house check, as well as a pair of boot tops that show the charcoal print. The best thing about flying your Burberry flag is that any accessory you display will be completely practical. A Burberry bag or boot will serve its purpose beautifully (literally!) and stand up to your active lifestyle; that classic shirt or timeless scarf will keep you warm as it quietly stakes your claim on the space you occupy. The makeup and fragrances in their metallic check cases of understated but undeniable elegance will help you turn your best face forward.


Examining these outfits, you will see that an excellent way to take advantage of Burberry’s cachet is to wear it with outfits that recede anyway. The jeans outfit with the white Burberry coat and understated white sweater is a lot of Burberry yet allows the nova check bag to hold center stage. On the other hand, the faded jeans outfit with the owl pendant includes a single piece of Burberry—the large bridle house check tote in darker camel—which proves that just a little precious Burberry goes a long way toward making your look winter wonderful. Burberry gives you an opportunity to use your closet’s so-so items smartly. Obviously, you can use Burberry to complement an outfit, but you also should know how to surround your Burberry piece so that it IS the outfit. The brand is expensive because of its quality and style and precisely because of its power to make a statement for you. Brush up your chic as you consider our Burberry based outfits.









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