Burberry Resort 2014 Collection

Burberry 2014 Resort Collection is Young Sassy and Defiant 12


The Burberry Resort 2014 Collection is fun, playful, and sometimes grown up and elegant. The collection is perfect for beach lovers and the boardwalk. The college youth inspired collection is young, sassy, and defiant. Matching a white, sheer embroidered skirt, with a crème sweater, the trench coat styled dress is a trendy look. The black skinny pants suit has a variety of options to choose from with a sheer black shirt, and black frock jacket. These looks are youthful and chic. The origami cut navy blue jacket and complementary black dress is exquisite, while the embroidery design of the look is fantastic and is sure to turn heads. The collection also diverts into fabulous glam with a number of stylish and colorful options to choose from, such as the purple faux fur jacket, with the light gray top and brown leather skirt. The skirt is “blinged out” with large rhinestone decorations.


The collection also features a fabulous, green-knotted, wrap skirt and a light green embroidered sweater. The purple tote adds a splash of color and edge to the look. The collection takes a sharp turn towards elegance with an embroidered and beautiful green gown, which has has a tamed sheer look and a silver embroidered belt around the waist, while the wrap styled bodice of the dress hangs off the shoulders. A modern day Audrey Hepburn would absolutely fall in love with the ‘little black and white dresses’ of the collection. The wrapped bodice of the black gown, with the smooth and flawless long skirt is astounding. The white gown beside it has a flattering open back, decorated by a dramatic bow. The Burberry Resort 2014 Collection is sure to be a favorite with young women all over the world. The glam-inspired collection is a winner, with hot fashion that every young woman wants.














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Written by Kia McClain

Kia McClain at Expedia CruiseShip Centers: Kia McClain is an avid lover of fashion and style; she started her fashion-writing career as a ghostwriter and stylist. Kia is also a successful entertainer and syndicated, freelance writer at Yahoo! As a poet and spoken word artist (Fierce), she became a top ten artist on popular music sites. This exposure led to her becoming a radio personality at 99.3 the Joynt, where she had a show with World Famous DJ DX, close friend to Nicki Minaj. Nicki often created drops for the show and stopped by the station as an indie artist. Kia also met celebrity photographer, KJ Anderson, who started an entertainment company with her, VRE7.com. She served as co-CEO of the company for over two years. Kia has worked with world-renowned celebrities such as Jeff Timmons of the multi-platinum boy band, 98 Degrees and more with her own marketing company, PitchSavvy.com.

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