Burberry Kids’ Shoes

Burberry Kids Shoes

This summer, the famous brand “Burberry” is presenting a very nice kids’ shoes collection for both girls and boys. For girls, Burberry offers sabots, sandals, ballerinas and sneakers. All are made of leather and fabrics in the famous Burberry pattern & colors: white, beige and black with a touch of red. Sandals are very cute with three beltings and a back buckle; flat and comfortable. Sabots are more stylish with black & beige uppers belted by a beautiful white leather ribbon, with wooden high heels made especially for kids to be comfortable and not painful. For boys, there are sneakers and slippers. Slippers are made of leather with the same Burberry pattern but in black, white and gray matching. Sneakers are the most attractive in this collection, made of fabric materials that’re very comfortable for kids. In regular shape or in half-boot shape, with the Burberry pattern (white, beige and black with a touch of red) they look so chic and elegant. The advantage of this Burberry collection is that all shoes look so classy, in addition; they can be suitable with any clothes because their patterns match with all colors.

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 1

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 2

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 3

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 4

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 5

Burberry Kids Shoes 2011 6

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