Bunk Niche of HGTV Dream Home 2013

Bunk Niche of HGTV Dream Home 2013 1

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Not only does the HGTV Dream Home 2013 have a twin suite bedroom for the kids, but it also provides them with another fantastic sleeping area in a niche at the top of the staircase. Such a creative Bunk Niche comes in a beach theme to provide an outstanding atmosphere for the kids to nap or relax. The end of the bunk bed has a ladder to get to the upper bed, and handrails are added for extra safety while climbing the ladder. The beds come in white, while the wall behind them comes in royal blue for an eye catching touch. You will see that the niche can totally disappear using a white curtain for an uncluttered view when this area is not used.

Bunk-Niche-of- HGTV-Dream- Home-2013_2

One of the great features that you see in this bunk bed is that the upper bed – unlike most of the bunk beds available these days – has a plank of wood that acts like a barrier to prevent the kid sleeping up from falling off the bed. An elegant light green ottoman and a dresser complete the color theme of the niche and make it colorful. To get the maximum use of the space, two big drawers are found under the lower bed. Striped quilted bedding covers the two beds and a bolster pillow and cushions are added for extra comfort. This area is really remarkable and makes a great spot for the kids away from their room.

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