Brodie’s Face is Wonky After Attacked by Mum, But He’s Still Adorable

Brodie was attacked by his mom when a 13-day-old pup, leaving him badly disfigured and partially blind. That didn’t stop one couple from adopting him though.

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Poor Brodie didn’t have the best of starts in life when, at the age of just 13 days, he was savaged by his mom, leaving his face badly scarred and also leaving him partially blind. Unsurprisingly, times were tough for him as his first owner’s found him too energetic to cope with, so he ended up in the local animal shelter, Old Macdonalds Kennels, in Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately, many who came to the shelter were looking for that “perfect pup” and didn’t want a disfigured dog at all, and that’ show it remained until the day that Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames came to visit.

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Image Credit: bestboybrodie

For them, it was love at first sight and they just had to have Brodie, a German Shepherd / Border Collie mix and give him a forever home that he so deserved. It is clear that they are not the only people who are able to look beyond appearances and see the wonderful animal who had just so much love to give them, as they eventually opened up an Instagram account for Brodie, which was inundated with totally positive comments from well-wishers.

In addition, many of his social media followers were keen to know what Brodie looked like as a pup, to Amanda and Brad put together a timeline of photographs showing how his appearance changed as he grew up. They were also so pleased with the reaction that they encouraged others to follow in their footsteps and adopt a pup from their own local shelter: “It’s not hard to see why everyone loves this little goofball as much we do lol. We hope that all this recognition will help others make the decision to rescue and adopt, especially those “less than perfect” animals out there! They deserve love as much as anyone. Thanks for all the love! Support your local rescues and shelter guys!”

Have you adopted a less-than-perfect dog or cat from your local animal shelter? If so, please share your photos of it with us on our Facebook page – we’d love to see them.

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