Britney Spears New Hair Color 2012

Ladies, where’s your “celebrity hair makeovers” list? You’re holding it? If so, grab your pen and add the name of the famous singer Britney Spears! Yup, she’s done it too. “What has she opted for?” and “When and where has she done it?” are the questions that we’re going to answer starting from the next sentence. I know that there’re some of you who may have predicted that Spears has opted for cutting her long hair or even shaving it, like she’s done before. But let me tell you that she’s not done that at all. The “X Factor” judge has walked on the same path of the other female stars like; Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba and dyed her blonde locks. I can imagine that some of you are currently saying to themselves; “Dying,, what?!”

Ladies and gentlemen, leave your shock till the end, as there’s a much more surprising detail which is the color itself! Britney has accented her blonde tresses with teal, vibrant blue and pink tips. Briefly, you can see her wearing a multicolored dip-dyed hair. Why do you have the “huh” face?! I think that there’s no need for it, as most of us know that the “Toxic” singer loves to express her feelings through her tresses! Okay, that was the answer of the first question, what about the second and third ones?! Concerning these questions, you need to know that the star has revealed her new hair color during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival which was held in Las Vegas a few days ago.

I know that some of you may feel that it’s too late to talk about that drastic hair makeover, right? Maybe, it is, but there’s a reason behind that, my precious readers. Our reason is that we thought that the star would get rid of her rainbow hair after the festival, but she didn’t do that at all, which makes us say that she’s definitely fallen in love with it! We’ve answered all the questions that may come across your minds except one which is; “Would Britney opt for a new haircut in the upcoming days?!” I think that none of us can predict anything in 2012! So let’s wait and see what would happen. While waiting, don’t forget to make a survey in our magazine to know all about the new fashion and beauty trends..

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