Britney Spears New Blonde Hair Color for 2013

Britney Spears New Blonde Hair Color for 2013 1

It seems that the Brunettes don’t have as much fun as the Blondes.. No offense, my dear brunettes, but that’s what Dakota Fanning, Ashley Benson and Britney Spears have proven since the beginnings of 2013 till now. Britney Spears!!! Did we read it right?! Yes, my precious readers, you did! And I guess that you all can figure out why I mentioned the pop star’s name, right?! What? Not all of you! Okay. If so, let me reveal the reason myself.

Ladies and gents, the former “X Factor” judge has ditched her spectacular and sophisticated dark brown hair locks and gone back to the blonde ones. Shocking, isn’t it?! Of course it is! Actually who saw this taking place? None I guess, or maybe it was just me who didn’t expect this speedy switch-off! Anyway, I think that now you all know why I mentioned the singer’s name, right? Aha! So tell me: Do you love Spears more as a Brunette or as a Blonde?! Wait, Stylishevers, I forgot to tell you that our beloved singer has revealed her newest hair color since a few days ago while attending her sons’ soccer game.


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