Brilliantly Choreographed Marriage Proposal at Downtown Disney

the best wedding proposal you wil ever see

It would seem that Bruno Mars’ song Marry You has had quite an effect on a number of young romantics. From a groomsman’s wedding dance to a surprise marriage proposal, Bruno seems to be getting everywhere. So here we find ourselves learning about Jamin Love (what an appropriate name!) and Valerie had been dating for five and a half years. They were both students at Marvels Dance Company in south-east LA, California. Perhaps it should therefore come as no surprise that Jamin decided that a surprise dance would be a great way to propose to his sweetheart. The venue of Downtown Disney was chosen and permission sought to create a small ‘flashmob’ of Jamin and Valerie’s friends. What follows is without doubt one of the most fun, energetic and touching wedding proposals you are ever likely to see, and watching it just leaves you with a lovely warm feeling inside.

The dance kicks off with two girls who could be twins, who are undeniably exceptionally good dancers and who held the whole routine together. The music is upbeat and the choreography is second-to-none in its interpretation of the song. Clearly the Marvels Dance School has a great choreographer, as well as great dancers. These are definitely friends of the happy couple as they are so enthusiastically involved in this ‘flashmob’ and clearly having a great time. As Jamin revealed afterwards, the biggest problem was finding enough time away from Valerie so that everyone could rehearse together. This was definitely no amateur production and the moves were tight, so it is hard to imagine how long it took them all to perfect the routine. As for Valerie, well she was just an innocent bystander with Jamin just watching their friends perform at Downtown Disney. It is clear she had no idea what was about to happen, not even when Jamin leapt forward and joined in the routine. Only when the song came to an end with the repeated lyrics “Just say I do” and Jamin got down on one knee to produce an engagement ring did Valerie finally discover what the dance was all about. And as every story has a happy ending, not only did she say ‘I do’, but they did get married too.

Jamin & Val Highlights from White Rose Production on Vimeo.

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