Brilliant Choreographed Groom and Groomsmen’s Surprise Wedding Dance

Brilliant Groom and Groomsmen’s Surprise Wedding Dance

Weddings are memorable for a multitude of reasons, whether it is the stunning bride’s dress, the ceremony or the reception venue. Adding a dance to that list seems pretty unusual, but if the dance is good and it takes both the bride and guests all by surprise, then we are all for it. With all that is involved in preparing a wedding, a dance isn’t exactly what we would expect to be top of the list of priorities. However perhaps this is an indication of the level of responsibility for organizing everything that the groom can get stuck in to some choreography. More to the point, how did the groom and seven groomsmen all find the time to arrange something not far short of a Las Vegas stage performance? One thing is for sure though, the dance will be one thing the bride, groom, groomsmen and all the guests won’t forget for a very long time.

The dance involves a mix of music ranging from Destiny’s Child singing Crazy in Love, which seems a very apt song indeed for the groom to mime to his new bride. This was then followed by the old-time favorite I want it that Way, which the groom clearly did. You will have to excuse our lack of knowledge regarding music of an Arabic origin so we are unsure of the third song, but Bruno Mars’ song Marry You was the perfect finish to what was a remarkably well choreographed routine. As for the groom’s bride, well judging from her body language as we couldn’t see her face during the event, we think she was thrilled to bits with her personal floor show.

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