Bright Crystal by Versace

Bright Crystal by Versace1

Alberto Morillas gave Versace; Bright Crystal which is a sensual fragrance for sensual women, who loves romance & seeks dramatic effect as they walk by, it has the fruity notes that give you the yummy & delicious scent that will make everyone fall under your spell. The fragrance’s top notes are Pomegranate & Yuzu balanced with middle notes; Peony, Magnolia & the sensual notes of fresh Lotus then finally confused with the base notes; Amber, Musk & the red wood Mahogany for softer intensity. You’ll get to enjoy the Bright Crystal fragrance in a clear pink crystal bottle as an eau de toilette, as for sensual softer luxury you’ll get to have the fragrance in a perfumed body lotion & a perfumed bath & shower gel that will wrap your body in a soft hypnotizing scent.

Bright Crystal by Versace 1

Bright Crystal by Versace 2

Bright Crystal by Versace 3

Bright Crystal by Versace 4

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