Bright Central Park Penthouse In Upper East Side, New York By Robert Young Architecture & Interiors

Bright Central Park Penthouse in Upper East Side New York by Robert Young Architecture Interiors 02

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_02

New York is a trendy metropolis with burgeoning artists at every turn, and in the midst of such creativity one would be hard pressed to determine who the avant-garde talent of 2012 would be. However, if I were the one casting a vote, I would lob my lot for the team of designers at Robert Young Architecture & Interiors. The brightness of their creative offering on this Central Park Penthouse in the Upper East Side neighborhood lets me feel inspired and refreshed.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_05

Chartreuse might be the hue for the season, but the choice to place chairs upholstered to remind guests of a vivid spring tree is quite phenomenal, especially when just beyond the dining area is an alfresco space with cement planters housing the selfsame colored plant. From the wooden exterior walkway to the interior veneers, the airy balance of the room and its invisible light fixtures and sliding patio doors make us happy to enjoy the view during an afternoon snack atop the silver leafed dining table. As the saying goes, “I’ve seen the view from the top, and it is good.”

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_06

The color palette is reminiscent of a contemporary Scandinavian form that blends with East Coast voguish modernism to make for a sophisticated cover of the latest and greatest chic kitchen magazine. White painted wood panel cabinets bring simplicity to an area accented with recessed lighting and stone surfaces that showcase the variety of the utilized textures.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_07

Keeping with the decision to embrace the all but nonexistent natural landscape of New York City, and the surrounding Central Park, the warm browns; rusts and cornflower blue display the befitting elements of a communal space.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_08

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_09

The cleverness of the bookcase design is not only commendable, but also practical. With wraparound shelving, the guest bathroom is concealed and provides a level of privacy that one would not expect of a privy in the center of a living room.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_10

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_11

Large paned exposures provide access to a spectacular view of New York. Both guests and residents can relax in the calming atmosphere of the living room, while observing the encompassing vistas.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_12

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_01

The master bedroom, along with its bath is an immaculate masterpiece with monochromatic character. The distinction and refinement of a white room is always obliged.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_03

The delicacy of lilac is a joy in a home filled with a vast array of environmental tones. The particular layout for this area with its double beds and shared headboard maximizes the available space. The whimsy of polka dot versus floral, stenciled flora, and lilac flowers planted just outside the sliding patio door have a young feminine appeal.

Bright-Central-Park-Penthouse-in-Upper-East-Side-New-York- by-Robert-Young-Architecture-Interiors_04

A home office at the far end of the design space affords for inclusion and concealment altogether. Should the children in the home, or their parents, wish to have some social media time, or do a bit of unfinished homework, the accessibility and versatility of the room works well.

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