Bridal Hairstyles 2013 for Black Women

Bridal Hairstyles 2013 for Black Women

Why hasn’t Stylish Eve presented another collection of the trendiest bridal hairstyles for 2013 for African American women till this moment? Honestly, haven’t you asked each other or even yourselves this question?! What? Nope, you haven’t done it at all, as you were totally sure that we would present this collection sooner or later! Dear fans, I want to tell you three things. The first and second ones are ‘thanks for your trust’ and ‘that’s exactly why we adore you’! While the third thing is that today is the day that you’ve waited for, so let’s start the action!!

Straight, curly and wavy down dos are the first bridal hairstyles that black women can sport in 2013. Let me tell you that all of them have a heartbreakingly glamorous and sexy look that any bride wishes for. Oops, I forgot to mention that you can opt for a natural down do, as well. Yeah, ladies, natural hair! Would you please tell me what is wrong with doing so?! Nothing, I guess! What if you, pretty brides, don’t like to wear flowing hair on your wedding day? Then why don’t you braid it or even tie it into any style of ponytail: low, mid-height, sideswept or high?! Whether you opt for this or that, be sure that you’re going to look so alluring and sexy. By the way, you should know that you can get the same look if you wear a half up-half down do of any style.

Besides all of the last mentioned, there are still other hairdos in front of the African-American women to choose from and wear on their special day, such as bob cuts and pixie cuts. I’m pretty sure that you all know how much versatile, fashionable and eye catching these haircuts are. Black bombshells, don’t you feel that there’s something missing?! Yes? So what is it?! Okay, okay, I got it! I think that I haven’t said that you can opt for an updo of any style: faux bob, bun, top knot, chignon, braided or even twisted, right? Aha! Okay, sorry for that! There’s another thing that you need to know about these updo hairstyles, which is that they are more than elegant and eye catching. Now, I can wish you a fabulous, glamorous and sexy bridal look and say goodbyes. And yes, our precious readers, we’re done!!





















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