Braided Hairstyles for Flower Girls

Braided Hairstyles for flower girls

The Braided hairstyles are known to be very trendy and popular hairstyles among the whole women’ community… The braids can be seen anywhere; work, casual events or even the weddings… In the weddings, the braids aren’t only being worn by the brides, the bridesmaids and any wedding guest. Those hairstyles can be seen also in the weddings being worn by the flower girls.. You can say that the braids hairstyles are one of the most popular, trendy and elegant flower girls’ hairstyles.. That popularity has came from the great feature of the braids, as they are simple, nice-looking and easy-to maintain hairstyles. That’s beside being glamorous, elegant and classic hairstyles.. Those hairstyles can also suit any wedding’s flower girl.. They also don’t limit themselves on certain hair color nor certain age.. The braids hairstyles can be worn by the flower girls in two ways. The first one is that those braids hairstyles are the essential and the only hairstyles worn by the flower girls. While the second way is, that those braids hairstyles can be like contributed or mixed hairstyle with other essential hairstyles worn by the flower girl.. Do you understand anything of those last words I said?? I doubt, so let’s talk on each part.. Let’s talk first about the non-understandable second case. You may ask, “how can the braids hairstyles be contributed hairstyles???!!”… Okay, that case can occur when the braids are mixed with other hairstyles. for example, you can see the braided bun hairstyles, the braided bob hairstyles, the braided up do hairstyles, the curly braided hairstyles, the wavy braided hairstyles, the straight braided hairstyles and the braided bob hairstyles.. In that case, the braids are being added to add more glamorous, uniqueness and elegance to the flower girl’s look.. Those hairstyles are very trendy and popular among the flower girls.. Another thing to say about those hairstyles, that they can be worn with any haircut; long, medium or even short.. That’s what I meant by “contributed hairstyles “.. Anyway, let’s talk about the first case, which is more general. In that case, the braids hairstyles are being worn by the flower girls as the essential hairstyles, nothing more added except some touches or some accessories. The braids hairstyles are mostly being worn by flower girls with long or medium haircuts. The braids hairstyles don’t suit the girls with short haircuts except in some cases like; the case when being mixed with another hairstyles as I mentioned before. There are very various looks of those glamorous hairstyles to be worn by the flower girls.. One of the most trendy braids hairstyles are the French braids. Those French braids hairstyles have very elegant look and that’s what made them so trendy among the flower girls.. The flower girls can get that look either by letting their moms create it for them or by going to the hair salons.. Those hairstyles can be created by the following steps:  first, you take small chunks of hair from your head’s crown, then gradually add more hear to each chunk in even amounts and integrate them together.  There is another version of that hairstyle which based on having more than one French braids in the same hairstyles..  Another braids hairstyles for the flower girls are the Dutch braids hairstyles. Those Dutch braids are also called the inverted French braids, as  they are done by the same way as the French braids but instead being weaved under the hair, they are weaved over the hair.. That’s the only difference, but they still have the same glamorous and elegance of the French braids. There are also the half-braid hairstyles which can be suitable for the flower girls. Those hairstyles can be worn by girls with long hairstyles.. They are created by dividing the hair into 2 halves; the first upper half is curled and the second lower half is braided. They have very nice, simple and gorgeous look. The next braided flower girls’ hairstyles to talk about are the wrapped braids hairstyles.. Those wrapped hairstyles are one of the most worn braids hairstyles by the flower girls.. They can be created by braiding the girls’ hair at different places and then wrapping the tendrils to create a halo shape.. Those hairstyles are considered to be very classic but also modern hairstyles. Another famous flower girls braided hairstyle is the loose braids hairstyles.. Those hairstyles are created by combining both the braids and the curls  and leaving out some hair to add any accessory on it. Those hairstyles are very simple, modern and gorgeous hairstyles. They can look great on the little flower girls..  The last braids hairstyles to talk about are the cornrow braids hairstyles.. Those hairstyles suit the African-American little girls. The girls can get that look by getting their hair braided in tight braids close to their scalp in straight lines.. Those hairstyles are very trendy and popular among the African-American flower girls and you can see them being worn a lot in the weddings not only by the flower girls..  By now, we all have seen many trend, popular and glamorous braids hairstyles which can be worn by the flower girls and add to them a lot of glamorous and softness. So, if you’re a bride or a mom of the girl who will be the flower girl, you’ve many variable options in front of you. You can choose any hairstyle but you must know that you can’t choose them randomly.. You must choose them based on some preferences like; the girls’ face shape, the dress and the theme of the wedding . Also, don’t forget to take into considerations; the personality and the opinion of the girl. It really matters to do so.. I was about to forget to tell you about the accessories!!, so sorry.. Okay, another thing you must consider is to add some hair accessories to the girls hair like; the tiara, the lovely rosy head band or any other hair accessories that suit both the hairstyle and the dress of the flower girl.. Really, those accessories can make a stunning hairstyles looking in much more stunning and gorgeous way.. They may complete the angelic look of the flower girls.. Now, I can say just prepare the flower girl to look in very cute, nice and gorgeous way!!.

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