Brad Pitt Hair 2012

It seems that 2012 means a new era of glamour, elegance and stylishness, yet youthfulness for the famous and sexy star Brad Pitt. I can imagine many of you shouting and saying ”What has made you say so?, Explain!”. Men, quiet! I’m going to answer all of those questions and requests just right now. Brad’s hair is the most important reason that has made me to say so. Yup, his hair! All the aspects related to it starting from the lengths that it has taken to the ways it has been both cut & styled are saying; ”I’m youthful, glamorous and sexy!”. So, let me explain each one of them at a side. Concerning the lengths, you can see by yourself that Brad Pitt hair has turned from being medium length at the end of 2011 to quite long to long specifically shoulder length since the start of 2012 till now. And who knows it may go longer than that in the upcoming days! Since the year’s start till now, our beloved star has sported the layered haircut. You may say that he has tried to make a balance by doing so, who knows?! Besides, He has styled his layered hair in not quite many, but still different ways. For example, he has once sported a straight hair which has either come with soft waves or not. In either case, it has given him very charming and sexy look. While another time, he has sported messy hairstyle which has had so casual and stylish, yet sort of tidy look.

Sometimes Brad Pitt has tucked his long hair behind the ears while some others he has let flow loosely. In any case, Brad Pitt has looked in super, super stylish, glamorous, attractive and eye catching look. Oops, I forgot to tell you that he has never let his fascination with partings; side and center ones go! Till now, you have known the sort of lengths, styles and cuts that his hair has taken since the year’s beginnings and may be prior than that. But haven’t you noticed anything?! Think and concentrate. I think there’s a man who is saying ” The combination of the long & layered hair and the ways it has been styled remind me with some old hair looks of him”. Man, how smart are you?! Yeah, that’s true. Despite being similar to some old ones, they are looking new. What a confusion, isn’t it?! I think let’s forget about whether they’re renewed or not and concentrate on the bright side which is that you still have the opportunity to feel the glamour and elegance of the stars. How? Man, take a look at the attached pictures of our sexy celebrity Brad Pitt and get inspired with them! At the end, I can’t tell you anything but wish you great luck, joy and super stylish look.

Brad Pitt Hair 2012

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 1

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 2

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 3

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 4

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 5

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 6

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 7

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 8

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 9

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 10

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 11

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 12

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 13

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 14

Brad Pitt Hair 2012 15

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