Bookstore Where you Can Go in to Buy a Book and Come Out with a Kitten Instead!

Here’s a Canadian bookstore where you can go in to buy a book or a cup of coffee, and end up being the proud owner of an adorable kitten.

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Image Credit: Otis & Clementine’s Books & Coffee

This is a heart-warming story of one Canadian bookstore owner who realized that they had a lot of space in their bookstore, which also doubles up as a coffee shop. So, in conjunction with the animal rescue center South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia, they decided to foster kittens that could then interact with visitors to the coffee shop and bookstore. Their hope was that the visitors would love the kittens so much, that they would consider adopting one as well.

For many, spending time in the bookshop, Otis and Clementine’s Books and Coffee, was the first opportunity they had to spend any quality interaction time with a cat or kitten, and the results have been remarkable. The bookshop now has a 100% adoption success rate, which is just the best news possible for the 30 kittens that have so far been adopted.

We should also point out that while you can walk out with a kitten, the adoption process isn’t the same as going to the supermarket to buy provisions. As the bookstore owner Ellen Helmkeexplained, it actually costs CA$255, or just under US$200.00 to adopt a kitten and to cover all medical expenses, plus you have to provide valid references to ensure that the kitten is going to a suitable new forever home.

“People come here specifically to see the cats, and then some people just wander in to look at books and discover there are kittens,” she told Global News. “Either way, the response has been really great—I mean, who doesn’t love kittens, right? I’m so happy to make my customers happy when they come in and they’re just thrilled to see a kitten they weren’t expecting… It’s amazing and makes me happy to come to work.”

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Don’t you think this is just the best idea to help abandoned kittens find a new home? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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