Black and White Water Marble Nail Art [Video]

Black and White Water Marble Nail Art

There always seems to be so much to learn when it comes to doing your nails. Long gone are the days when a little bit of a rub with an emery board and a splash or red nail polish will suffice. Nowadays nail bars and nail salons are big business, which means you have to do your best to keep up with all the trends. However these establishments aren’t cheap. In the United States a trip to a nail bar can easily set you back $50.00 and there the nail industry alone is worth over $7.4 billion, yes billion! Now that seems like an awful lot of money to us, and while we all like being pampered from time to time, it is hard to enjoy when you know it’s costing you a small fortune. Well thanks to wonderful people like ‘ilovemylongnails’, who has over forty thousand YouTube followers, we all now get the chance to create a salon-level look with our nails, but at a home DIY price. And if pampering is what you need, why not spread a little love and offer to do this to a friend on the basis they then do it for you another day.

We are great fans of videos like these because they make everything so very clear, right down to helping you choose the best nail polish to use. There is little which can beat experience and trial and error, so we suspect ‘ilovemylongnails’ may have tried a few different types before settling on the two she uses in the video. We have to admit that by the end we were all marveling at the simplicity, yet incredible effect water marble nail art can create. We are pretty sure you are going to have a great time trying this out, so enjoy yourself and enjoy the results even more.

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