Black and White Matte Kitchen Design by Gabanes

Matte Kitchen Design

This kitchen is the dream for modern style lovers; contemporary, luxurious and functional. Gabanes is a Spanish kitchens producer known by its distinguished modern designs, this model from Carla collection is a good example of creativity. Using the minimalist style, Gabanes designed a very stylish glass wall in black matte with beautiful drawings in glossy black and grey, the wall is decorated by a mosaic frame which creates a luxurious and unique look in the kitchen. The main piece in this kitchen is the island; it’s a very useful kitchen island equipped with a cooker, a stainless steel sink and the most interesting is the sliding door which is integrated in its internal side. This sliding door is very practical as it doesn’t take space and at the same time it contains a large space for storage equipped with useful accessories that help you to store all kitchen stuff easier. This design could be perfect for small kitchens; all you need in a kitchen is combined in only one piece; the beautiful white lacquered island. Besides the cooker and the double sink, the kitchen island is also equipped with a large countertop that can be used as a comfortable dining table which would be perfect for small apartments. The stylish contrast between black & white is giving the kitchen an up-to-date ambiance and an elegant look. The black & white theme has an additional advantage which is its ability to match with any modern interior.

carla black matte kitchen 1

carla black matte kitchen 2

carla black matte kitchen 3

carla black matte kitchen 4

carla black matte kitchen 5

carla black matte kitchen 6carla black matte kitchen 7

carla black matte kitchen 8carla black matte kitchen 9

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