Big Space Bathroom Design Ideas

1249 big bathroom

A big bathroom could be easily turned into a luxury one. The space is always the big problem that could prevent you from integrating some luxury bathroom furniture in your bathroom. Bubble Bathrooms won both Bathroom Project of the Year and Bathroom Designer of the Year for two amazing designs for wide space bathrooms. Both designs give you a comfortable feeling coming from the combination between beige and light brown colors, and a huge desire to relax. Both bathrooms are full of luxury stuffs; each of them contains two bowls, two showers and a very big tube in the middle. In the second design, there is a TV plasma in front of the tube to enjoy both relaxation and entertainment. The huge tube is required with a Jacuzzi for a maximum of relaxation. All cabinets are made of high quality acrylic material. Of course those bathrooms will be very expensive and not everyone can have them, but if you are one of those people who live in luxury then you must enjoy the benefits of having such wonderful, comfortable & luxury bathroom.

big bathroom 2

big victorian bathroom

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big bathroom

big bathroom ideas

big bathroom victorean

big luxury bathroom

big victorian bathroom 2

big victorian bathroom 3

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