Bicolor Kitchen Design Ideas

Bicolor Kitchen Design Ideas

Who said a kitchen must be decorated in only one color? Why not play with two colors in the kitchen design to create pretty decorative effects? Here are some ideas for bicolor kitchen decorations if you need inspiration. For a kitchen that combines both elegancy and contemporary design, we choose black & white contrast. For example you can opt for white wall units to lighten the walls while choosing black for the island in order to make it the centerpiece of the kitchen. For a kitchen style that’s both feminine and very contemporary, focus on white kitchen cabinets combined with purple ones. You can then choose to use purple for the majority of furniture and then add two white worktops to lighten the whole. For a very refreshing style, go for a beautiful blue azure and associate it with white. You can choose to color the wall cabinets in this color and give the wall itself as well as the floor units a white color. For an original look in the kitchen, we keep on black and gray colors as a base to which a touch of orange is added in order to energize the whole look. To enhance this effect, choose an orange stripe that runs across the surface of the top furniture for example. Finally, for a pop atmosphere, add touches of green apple with a white lacquered kitchen. If you have a high ceiling, color the highest furniture in green to visually reduce the ceiling and add a recall touch on one side of the central island for example.

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