Beyond Paradise Perfume for Men by Estee Lauder

If you want to leave earth, step off the ground and feel that you are in paradise or even beyond it, then check out this Beyond Paradise Cologne for men by Estee Lauder. When your eyes just fall on the bottle of Beyond Paradise for men, you will feel that you will do anything just to get it. The colors of the bottle are very lively and sweet, and when matching the name of this cologne with the colors of the bottle you will feel as if you are already in paradise, and when you just take a sniff of it and try it, you will even go beyond paradise. Beyond Paradise is a great masculine and energetic cologne that will be your favorite, it is unique and not just like all fragrances. Beyond Paradise combines the scents of eden mists, jabutica fruit, mediterranean accord, lavender absoulute, sage, tarragon, eden votive, oak moss, beach wood and patchouli.

Beyond Paradise Cologne for Men 2

Beyond Paradise Cologne for Men 3

Beyond Paradise Cologne for Men 1

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