Beyonce Hairstyles 2012

Hello sunshines! In the last years, the singer Beyoncé Knowles moved from being hot to hotter, right? Of course, she did! Let me tell you that she’s definitely moved to the ‘hottest’ zone in 2012! If you don’t believe me, take a glimpse at the attached pictures below and you’re going to see that she’s looked super, super hot, gorgeous, glamorous, and eye catching from head-to-toe. Like usual, our main concern here is the head, I mean the hair! That means that you need to prepare yourselves to come with me on a virtual trip to discover how the ‘Beautiful Liar’ singer has worn her long hair this year. Yeah, ladies, it has gone nowhere from being long! What are the first hairstyles that come across your mind when we say the name of Beyoncé?! Huh, ladies, it’s easy! Of course, the curly down dos are the ones I mean. Why am I saying so? Ladies, all of us know that the gorgeous singer has shown her fascination of wearing the curly hair locks. And this year, that hasn’t changed at all! But let me tell you that you can definitely see the straight down dos besides these curly ones. Both of them have had that stunning, glamorous and sexy look.

Also, the multitalented star has opted for sporting the ponytails. You need to know that she’s been seen wearing either the low or mid height sleek straight styles of them which have given her an elegant and fabulous look. But she’s broken that maybe for once or twice when she’s opted for wearing a high curly pony which has looked so stylish and full of fun! Besides both of the down dos and ponytails, the new mom has been seen sporting a glam and eye catching half up-half down hairdo. By now, we’ve known that her hairstyles’ lookbook of 2012 includes ponys, down dos and a half updo, right? Okay, can you guess what else it may contain?! Updos? Since you’ve brought them to our topic, I have to tell you that this year none of them meant anything to Beyoncé other than the buns, at least that’s what I saw while digging for her ‘dos! She’s sported quite different styles of them like; the classic, loose and braided ones.

Concerning these latter ones, you have to know that she’s worn a style that proves that she’s never forgotten her African roots. Know it?! No? Women, she’s sported a micro braided bun which has been high and volumized as well. What a look! I’m sure that some of you are going to say; “Love it” while the others are going to say; “don’t like it at all!” Whether you’re going to be from the first or the last category, I have to tell you that it won’t really matter as she’s already worn it! Concerning the other buns worn by her, you need to know that most of them have been low and classic expect one which has been loose and swept aside; different styles, but the same fab and hot look. Now, I can tell you, my sweet ladies, that we’ve finished our trip! Yeah, you’re absolutely free to go. Just don’t forget to put your face shape and hair nature in your considerations, if you’re going to copycat any of the last mentioned hairdos. What? you’re not going to do so. Mmm, whether you’re going to do so or not, we all wish a stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful look anytime!

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