Beyoncé Ditches Her New Short Pixie for a Longer Bob Cut!!

Beyonce Ditches Her New Short Pixie for a Longer Bob Cut 1


Queen Bey, did you already become bored with your new short coif? Are you experimenting with a new look? Are you just having fun? I think that what I’m about to say is clear, so let me say it directly… Beyonce has ditched that cute blonde pixie cut she unveiled a few days ago on her Instagram account in favor of a longer inverted bob—thanks to some hair extensions… Shocking, isn’t it? No doubt, it is!


The 31-year-old singer introduced her blonde-on-top, brunette-beneath angled bob hairstyle when she was out & about with her husband, Jay Z, and her daughter, Blue Ivy, in Miami on August 15. Can you imagine how she looks with this new do? As always, she looks beyond stylish and stunning… Let me not forget to tell you that Bey accessorized her bobbed locks with a gold Ellen Hunter headband that added 100% to her style! I think that about covers the subject (for now). It’s time for the Big Question: What’s the next hairdo we’ll be seeing on Beyoncé? Guess & tell us, Stylisheves!

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