Betty Jackson Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Betty Jackson, through her new collection, was sending a message to all women: “Feel the liberation and don’t be afraid of your shape or your size”. The collection depended on the chic combination between the British theme and the modern sportswear look. The designer used a wide range of classy fabrics making a mix of satin, feathers, gauze, and high shine cottons. The collection included a number of elegant dresses in both short & long styles. Long black dresses made of feathers, satin, or high shine cottons brought the sophisticated & elegant look to the show. Most of the short dresses came in neutral colors & simple designs. As for the skirts, they all came in a simple maxi design and didn’t exceed three colors: beige, brown, & black. Elegant ensembles consisted of large women pants with wool tops in cozy colors such as brown and beige; they looked more suitable for the fall season. A very subtle ensemble consisted of a delicate white top made of satin & a beige trouser made also of satin; looked so feminine, so elegant. The designer also presented some dresses & ensembles in strong colors such as pink & green lime. Betty Jackson made a distinctive touch in her new collection: “socks” were used with most of the designs even with dresses & short skirts.

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