Bella Thorne Changes Her Hair Color from Red to Blonde!!

Bella Thorne New Hair Color 2013

Bella-Thorne-New Hair-Color-2013

Oh Girl, I’m going to miss your sexy red hair! To whom am I saying this? I’m saying it to… Nope, Precious Reader, not Jessica Chastain and not Christina Hendricks. Neither of them has updated her 2013 lookbook yet. (Are you relieved?) Now, would you please let me complete my sentence? Thank you! I’m saying it to teen star Bella Thorne.

Yes, ladies, the 15-year-old star ditched her signature red hair color in favor of… Hmm… Do you really want to know? Okay, okay, just remember that I asked permission to reveal it. Are you ready? Here it is! The Raspberry Magic actress went blonde. Whaat? Bella isn’t a sexy redhead anymore? Sadly, no. But you should look on the bright side. She is a heartbreakingly beautiful blonde bombshell.

Anyway, the young dancer posted a picture of her new blond self on Twitter on April 30. Yes, that’s how she revealed it. Unfortunately, Thorne’s makeover has divided her fans, with some hating her new hair color (some of them even suspect—or hope?— it’s a wig) and others loving it. So what do you think, Stylisheves? Do you agree with the first group (which part) or the latter? Tell us in the comments below.

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