Beautiful yet Very Functional Hoods for Modern Kitchens

Beautiful yet Very Functional Hoods for Modern Kitchens 400X267

In the kitchen, the hood is almost mandatory to eliminate odors and also to limit as much as possible the condensation that may occur on the wall and deteriorate it. But, does the efficacy have to neglect aesthetics? We want a hood that combines the two options—practicality & decoration—is that possible? It is definitely possible with the new hood models that offer high functionality while being very decorative. Get ready to see the newest hood designs for modern kitchens that are aesthetic and equally provide the most recent technology in a trendy, contemporary style.

This powerful hood from Gorenje that is installed above the central island offers an elegant shape like a sculpture that descends from the ceiling. Rectangular & chromed, it offers a bold minimalist design. Practical side: its controls are invisible and it also serves in lighting. For a hood that blends well in the kitchen, opt for a model that looks exactly like the furniture. Gorenje presents very refined hood models in the same color as the furniture so that it disappears from the view. Gorenje also offers original hood models obliquely attached to the wall to avoid cutting the space above the cooking surface.

For a kitchen delicately decorated with feminine touches, you’ll find at Gorenje very elegant hood models with glossy black finish and some patterns on the front. Performance side: its great width allows very good suction. If you like unusual decorations, you can find very innovative hood models that make your kitchen look really unique just like this round model in a very futuristic form that consists of two cylindrical parts. It fits easily in any modern kitchen. For a very decorative effect, you can also opt for a dual hood: two cylindrical hoods can be installed above the cooking surface to create a very original look in your kitchen.

If you want your hood to be totally discreet in your kitchen, you can integrate it in your ceiling as long as it is not too high; the hood then also lights discreetly. To add a stylish look to your kitchen décor, you can think of matching your hood and your backsplash. For example, if your backsplash tiles are black, you can choose a matte black hood for a very decorative effect. Finally, for a modern hood, choose a model that is attached to the wall. With chrome finish and clean lines, it will bring the look of a minimalist kitchen.











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