Beautiful & Practical Parasols for Garden Decorations

Parasols are one of the most practical accessories in a garden or a terrace; they are not just very useful to protect you from the sun, but they are also used as a decoration to give the outdoors a pretty look. If you are looking for practical yet decorative parasol models, we present you here a collection of the most trendy garden parasol designs to inspire you. You should know that the parasol will easily adapt to the style of your garden or your terrace. If your outdoor furniture has a minimalist style, use a parasol with geometric shapes and sleek designs, also, choose a chic color like black. The parasol can allow you to bring a touch of color to your garden decoration. By choosing a colorful parasol model, you will brighten the outdoor look. Add some touches of the same color of the parasol to the furniture and accessories. To create a pleasant atmosphere in your garden, you can opt for a parasol in a very light white color that lets light pass through; it will add a soft & charming mood to your outdoors.

To add height to your garden space, choose a parasol which will help expand your furniture vertically. Don’t hesitate to adjust the height of it depending on the size of your garden furniture. Know that your parasol will not only be useful when the sun shines, at night, it remains a decorative item! You can add lamps or small LEDs to create a magical light atmosphere. A parasol can truly be used to set a specific ambience in your garden. You can, for example, place an exotic parasol near the pool to give the appearance of holidays to your outdoors. If your garden or terrace has a good size, you can choose several parasols to create a very graphic style to your outdoor decoration; multiply the shapes and colors for a dynamic & vibrant look. If you just want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere provided by the parasol, prefer a discrete model. To do this, choose a natural color to be placed at the side of the space to be covered.

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