Beautiful Nightstands for Kids Bedroom

Nightstands for Kids Bedroom

The nightstand has been always the traditional partner of the bed. Not just in the adult bedrooms, even in children’s bedrooms, the nightstand is very useful; it is the little piece of furniture on which the child can put his book or his sunglasses before going to sleep. It is also the perfect place to put the alarm clock and a small lamp. From the decoration side; there is a lot of nightstand models & designs to meet all kids’ room styles, it’s up to you to pick the best one that goes with your children bedroom decoration. Here is a collection of nightstands in different models & shapes for all kids’ room styles. The nightstand can be just a cube on wheels. This is a practical & space-saver piece of furniture since it will allow accommodating the usual items like books, a lamp and alarm clock for example; and when it’s time for playing with a friend in the room, kids sure need more space, that’s when you can easily move this piece away. If you are playing on the minimalist style in your kid’s room decoration, here is a very minimalist yet playful & childish nightstand model. Simple and pretty; it is just a table where its surface can accommodate the essentials while not adding a space and reinforcing the idea of a fresh & uncluttered room. Choose a color that matches the room decoration and focus on joyful tones to not to lose the childish side of the room. If you are looking for an original nightstand design, here’s one that would please you. The traditional bedside placed on the ground, was replaced by a shelf on the wall at the same height of the bed! Shaped in a house, it gives a funny & poetic spirit to the room and in addition, it acts as a bookmark with its pointed roof. Need more originality? Here is another example of an extraordinary bedside that uses the walls! This giraffe made in fabrics with integrated storage space and a small shelf is looming beside the bed to not to clutter the floor and bring some fantasy to the child’s sleeping area.

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