Beautiful Handmade Ornaments and Decorations for the Holiday

No matter how beautiful ready-made Christmas stuff look like, homemade ones have that special feel that makes you love them just because they are your own work. Handmade stuff are also budget-friendly and allow you to use different stuff already available at home while making a nice shaped ornament or an amazing decoration. This post will definitely inspire you because it includes a lot of easy handmade ideas that you can make at home by yourself for the holiday. If you have some acorn caps, you can glue them together to form an acorn ball ornament and decorate it with colored glitter; the overall look is innovative and different.

Another idea that you can totally go for is adding some fresh fruits as part of your Christmas tree decoration. Accordion-style paper is another very easy thing that you can use for a beautiful look; you can fold the paper then glue the ends together to make a circle that you can hang anywhere using twines or glue. Paper can also be used to make some paper cones that you can gather together and make as your Christmas tree topper. Glass jars are of course another thing that you can totally make use of. The idea presented here is inserting a mini Christmas tree in each glass jar along with some fake snow; the final look is stunning! Now for something totally different, use your old cutlery and hang them on your Christmas tree like the tree shown in these pictures with spoons and forks decorating the tree in an awesome way.

If you have some old maps, you can cut them to make a paper pinecone that is totally awesome, or make many other different shapes. Even the dinner table can have some simple decorations, like tying a nice ribbon around the drinking glasses put on the table while gluing some Christmas ornaments like pinecones or berries on them; the overall look is very pleasing and will certainly be loved by your guests. For more ideas, check the pictures shown below and let your creativity pop out!!





















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