Beautiful Fall Curtains

Beautiful Winter Curtains

In the fall, we start thinking about dressing the windows with thick curtains that will insulate us from the cold weather. We have selected for you very decorative solutions to dress your windows in an attractive, yet practical way to prepare you for winter’s cold. Curtains are a real decorative asset that brings color to your home; you can choose colorful curtains to brighten a white interior, for example. For a warm effect, choose a fabric thick enough to protect you from the cold weather and opt for a gathered head finish to dress the entire window in one piece of fabric.

If you like the urban style, know that your curtains can set this tone in your interior. You can, for example, choose heavy curtains printed with New York motifs, and to create a decorative effect and a more friendly spirit, choose two different curtains: one with an urban pattern and a plain one. For a decorative effect, you can paint the part of the wall next to the curtain in the same color of the curtain to give the room an original look. To create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, use heavy curtains in the same color as your walls to have a homogenous and very cocooning spirit. Your window may disappear from the view to bring more warmth to your home.

To dress a window in a very warm way that protects you from the outdoor cold while looking very aesthetic, you can use multiple fabrics. So if your window has a nice size, opt for two pairs of curtains in different shades of the same color; your windows will be beautifully highlighted. To highly insulate your windows, you can bet on multiple solutions. For example, you can install blinds to offer good insulation and add curtains for the decorative look to sublimate your windows. Similarly, you can choose to use Japanese panels that allow protection from prying eyes and then add big dark curtains that isolate the light and cold to spend pleasant nights in your cozy room. For a decorative effect while being protected from winter’s cold, you can also opt for heavy curtains that conceal light chiffon curtains that can be used in the day to let the warm sunlight enter to the room.
















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