Beautiful Birdwing Scarves from Roza Khamitova

Beautiful Birdwing Scarves 4


There are times when delight and jealousy collide, and with these stunning birdwing scarves, that is most definitely the case. These are the stunning creations of Roza Khamitova, a former Kazakhstan native who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. The delight comes from seeing such imaginative and stunning designs. The jealousy comes from the fact it is always someone else who has these great ideas. And what is more, all the designs are laser prints from artwork created solely by Roza, so in addition to beauty, you get authenticity. “ I stay sensitive to the way my artwork makes me feel, and that is the most exciting experience… as long as the judgmental mind doesn’t get involved, it becomes a meditation. It becomes a certain interaction with my piece…allowing intuition and every germ of a feeling to grow to completion utterly in myself, in the darkness, in the indescribable, unconscious, at times inaccessible to my own understanding and I await with deep humbleness… the moment of the birth of clarity.” This is how Rosa, predominantly an artist, describes her working methods.


As you look at the selection of scarves we have chosen from you, you will be able to get a better feel for Roza. There is something quite remarkable about the attention to detail she pays to each image. However this attention doesn’t create images that are ultra-realistic. Instead the beauty of her skill is the intricacy of the work which creates such a mesmerizing look. What we appreciate about them the most is the clever intention to use pastel and more neutral colors to allow the images to speak for themselves. Whether it is an owl or a peacock, you will adore these scarves as they are printed mainly on cotton, are non-itch and non-toxic, and are totally recyclable. [h/t: BoredPanda]












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