Bathing Your Baby the Correct Way [Video]

baby bath

With over 1.5 million views and page after page of comments, at Stylish Eve we are pretty confident this is baby bathing demonstration is exactly the type of video you will find really useful to watch. With any instructional video it is always worth checking the number of views it has had and the comments section underneath, if there is one. This will give you a very good indication whether the topic of the video has been popular and how informative it has been. This video was produced by Epworth Healthcare, a private healthcare specialist with a dozen private hospitals located in and around Melbourne, Australia. It makes sense to us as bathing a baby is a necessity, but like so many aspects of motherhood, a baby doesn’t come with inbuilt instructions showing us exactly what to do. As a result a lack of confidence can be transferred through your hands to your baby, and your baby can sense this, often resulting in crying, which will unsettle you further, creating a vicious circle of events.

We particularly like this video because every step in the bathing process is clearly explained, not just demonstrated. Haven’t you always found in life that it is easier to remember something if you understood it? Well that is the intention with this video. Learning how cleaning parts of the baby prior to giving it a full bath is logical. Washing and drying the head as a separate entity also makes a lot of sense. Why? Because as any of us who have tried to bath a baby will testify, holding the baby securely with one hand will always make every other element of bathing your baby more difficult. And of greatest importance and a compliment to the professionalism of the ‘instructor’, the baby seems very relaxed and happy throughout!

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  1. I am in total believe of no full bath until cord comes off! I had 6 children & doctors always said to just give sponge baths until cord comes off.
    But now days they probably do everything different than when I had mine in 60s & 70s!

  2. First of all she was too damn slow giving the baby a bath, thats why the baby is fussy. Secondly if they still have the umbilical cord they shouldnt be immersed in water, and yes the diaper should be under the umbilical cord.

  3. The recommendations depend on where you live and era. In Canada we are told it is ok to submerge baby in water with cord, I’m assuming it’s that way for her too.

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