Bath Time for Cute Twins [Video]

Bathtime for two

Something must have gone wrong with the universe somewhere as babies are no longer behaving as we might expect them to. At Stylish Eve we have recently been running a series of videos on young twins, and how they interact so beautifully and cleverly with each other. However we are also aware that toddlers and babies can create quite a rumpus. First-hand experience tells us that if one baby is a handful then twins must mean double trouble for mum and dad. Yet with the twins we have managed to feature in these great videos, nothing could be further from what we anticipated. These twins are almost cherubic in their behavior and the way they treat each other. It is touching and very heart-warming to see such innocent love and affection, such a bond being created between two extremely young and innocent children.

And so we come to bath time and we wondered if this would be the point where these adorable children would revert more to the type we are used to seeing. Not a chance is the simple answer to that. Once again we have the classically beautifully situation of twins enjoying each other’s company and communicating with ease in a language nobody else understands. The smiles, the giggles and the sheer joy and fun these babies are having are enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. In fact everything looks almost too perfect, and it is at this point that you sense all is not well. The baby on the left seems to lose the toy he was playing with, and the look on his face is only matched by the look of concern on his sibling’s face. We suspect this was a very opportune moment for the film director to shout “Cut!”

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