Barbie Hairstyles for Girls

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Who hasn’t owned a Barbie doll during her childhood?!!!.. The answer is totally none of us . The Barbie doll has been the girl’s best friend for many years.. You can say that the Barbie doll is a part of our heritage that’s been handled from each generation to its successor!!. So, like you have been attached to your Barbie doll, your little child will be so too and may be even more than you!. I’ve told you it’s a heritage!!.. Anyway, the Barbie doll has been famous by her spectacular and glamorous dresses, outfits, accessories, shoes and of course hairstyles. Today, I’ll talk about the Barbie doll’s hairstyles. Those hairstyles have been very elegant, fashionable and glamorous in such a great way and that’s made many little girl beside many adult women , to start to imitate her hairstyles. You can say that Barbie can be considered as one of the celebrities. Any Barbie doll really deserves to be as one of the celebrity, none can deny that!!. Anyway, before making a tour to see what are the famous fashionable and stunning Barbie hairstyles, I’ve to tell few things about Barbie’s hairstyles.. The first thing that there are different styles of the Barbie’s hairstyles; the modern, the Vintage and the bridal hairstyles.. Beside that, the Barbie has many various hair colors from the dark black ,the light blonde, the brunette to the purple hair colors. Also, Barbie’s hair has been on various haircuts from the short to the very long haircuts… Now, let’s go to discover the hairstyles of Barbie doll(s). Barbie has worn the sleek straight hairstyles, the soft wavy hairstyles and the curly hairstyles.. She has also worn the half up & half down hairstyles and the different styles of the ponytails hairstyles like; the low ponytails and the high ponytails hairstyles.. Beside those hairstyles, Barbie has also worn the different styles of the Up-do hairstyles.. Barbie has worn most of the last hairstyles for her long and medium haircuts. On the other hand, Barbie has worn the short bob hairstyles, the short curly hairstyles, the spiky hairstyles and the short Afro hairstyles.. All of those short hairstyles have been very sexy, glamorous and elegant.. Beside those modern and stylish hairstyles, Barbie has worn some of the Vintage and also the Victorian hairstyles like; the Finger waves, the Marcel waves and the 3/4 bob hairstyles.. Barbie has looked in very fancy, glamorous and stunning way wearing those old retro hairstyles.. In fact, Barbie has looked in that way in any case regardless the hairstyle she’s wearing.. I think that I start to believe that Barbie is a flesh and blood celebrity!!!.. Anyway, the glamorous looks of Barbie doll have forced many women from all the ages to start imitating her hairstyles and not just that but her whole looks too.. Now, I’ll leave you with the pictures of the Barbie dolls’ hairstyles, just prepare yourself for getting shocked and wowed by the amazing, spectacular and glamorous looks of Barbie Dolls!!!.. Just enjoy!.

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 011

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 03

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 04

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 052

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 06

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 07

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 08

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 09

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 10

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 11

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 12

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 13

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 14

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 15

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 16

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 17

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 18

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 19

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 20

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 21

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 22

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 23

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 24

Glamorous Barbie Hairstyles 25

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