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It is totally awe-inspiring when you look at what you can create with children’s balloons these days, and especially from these oh-so-talented and imaginative designers and balloon artists at Prasdnikov in Kiev, the Ukraine. You only have to look at the wonderful array of ‘creations’, for that is what they are, and what can you say? It doesn’t feel that long ago that balloons came in a choice of five colors and if you wanted a real treat, you could get one in silver or gold foil. For the ultra-clever and manually adept, there were also the sausage balloons that you could make a modest range of creatures from, including the ubiquitous sausage dog. Many a children’s party entertainer lived and died through their creative genius, or lack of, but now it has all changed.


Not only is the novelty of seeing an inflated balloon inside an inflated balloon quite remarkable, but it begs the question “Which did they blow up first?” And then you look closer and you begin to realise that few, if any of these balloons are ‘standard’. It is amazing what shapes, sizes and designs balloons can come in these days, and this particular range is heavily influenced by the baby theme. Bambole and Pupazzi are a true delight as ‘balloon kids’ still happy to suck on a comforter, almost the enduring theme of these photographs while it is impossible not to laugh at their spindly balloon legs. How many types of balloon comforter can you create though? Don’t you just love the cute and cuddly (is a balloon cuddly?) teddy bear and the appropriately airborne duck too. Then you have to start looking more closely as you spot three or four different balloon babies in different poses. These guys at Prasnikov are definitely still kids at heart and it shows in their imaginative style. Add a few printed characters and faces to give you a head start and truth be told, with a little practice and doubtless the occasional noisy accident, there is no reason you couldn’t create something equally effective for a baby’s homecoming or baby shower!












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