Baby Clearly Doesn’t Like Daddy’s Scary Laugh [Video]

Daddy’s Scary Laugh

We all wonder what it takes to become a YouTube sensation. Clearly this toddler has discovered the secret at a very early age, with the help of her father, of course. With over 45 million views, this obviously is a video which has gone viral and been ‘shared’ by millions of you over social networks, and why not. While the title of the video might give you a clue what the video is about, you don’t really have much of an idea as who really wants to watch a video of a man with a scary laugh? They say that in the world of television and acting, you should avoid working with children and animals. Well if that was the case then we would all have missed out on this wonderfully amusing video of a father and his beloved daughter.

What we also noticed was that the comments section for the video had been disabled. This got us thinking. Perhaps there are two camps that exist after watching the baby’s reaction to her father’s scary laugh. Maybe half of you thought it was a hilarious reaction, while the other half of you were upset to see the baby crying and clearly upset by her father’s laugh. At Stylish Eve we are not ones to sit on the fence and we can say that of those of us here who watched it, we are also divided in our opinions. Half of us thought it was an incredibly funny video because we knew the baby would be fine after getting a cuddle from her dad. The other half of us just doesn’t like seeing baby’s crying. How do you feel about this. We’d like to ask our Stylish Eve followers their opinion on this and we welcome your comments on the video.

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