Avril Lavigne New Hairstyle 2012

My dear women, can i ask you a favor? Would you hit me in the face or even shot me in the head?! As It seems to me that it’s the only way to get rid of my great shock! That’s because of the new hairstyle that the famous pop star Avril Lavigne has recently worn during 2012. I know that some of you, maybe many think that I’m talking about that horrid and edgy two toned black and blonde half updo hairstyle that she sported few months ago. Don’t you? I knew it! Ladies & gentlemen, first of all, I’m not talking about that hairdo at all. Secondly, if you, me, her or maybe him thought that that one looked edgy and punk, then you have to know that we were absolutely wrong. Yeah, I have to admit it! Why so? is what I’m going to explain within the third point just right now. Thirdly, you have to know that Lavigne has gone so, so and yet another so far from that and instead, she has opted for wearing new hairstyle which has had much more edgier, rocker and shocking look.

I can guess that you’re about to ask the following questions; ‘How has it looked like?’, ‘When & where has she sported it?’. Concerning when & where, Avril has done that few days ago in Paris, France. On the other hand, concerning how it has looked like, the hair has been partially shaved closely to the scalp on one side of her head; specifically the left side while the rest of her straight, long honey blonde locks have been swept to the other side. Maybe, she has done that, sweeping her locks aside to make that buzzed part obvious or to add some femininity to that edgy look. Don’t take our words for granted, we’re just guessing! As we don’t actually know what Lavigne was thinking about while doing that! But the only thing that has been obvious since the start of 2012 is that she’s definitely taking her edgy, funky and punk style to the next level. Hence, let’s prepare ourselves to see other edgier hairstyles than those worn by her till now. Before leaving you, I have a question which is; ‘haven’t you seen that haircut before?’. Woman, it has been worn by Rihanna, Cassie and Ke$ha. That’s made us to say that many celebrity are walking on the same path of edginess. Since there’s nothing more left to be said, let me tell you goodbyes and wish you great luck especially if you’re going to try that look!

Avril Lavigne New Hairstyle 2012 1

Avril Lavigne New Hairstyle 2012 2

Avril Lavigne New Hairstyle 2012 3

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