Avril Lavigne New Hair Color 2012

Lavigne, don’t ever stop shocking us! Yeah, ladies, you’re not imagining and I truly said it! I know that it would be more reasonable for some of you to hear me say a sentence with an opposite meaning to that one. But excuse me, my precious readers, I’m just trying to adapt myself with these so many wowing and drastic makeovers done by the famous pop singer and other stars this year. I think that there’re many questions that come across your minds right now such as; “what has Avril done?, ‘has she left her new fiancée?, ‘has she played with her long hair again?'”,, etc. First of all, she’s not left Chad Kroeger at all! Even if she’s done that, it wouldn’t be our main concern here and you know that. Secondly, if you predicted that our topic is about another drastic hair makeover of hers, you’d be so smart! Yeah, she’s done it again! A couple of months ago, she showed us a shocking new partially shaved hairstyle, do you remember it? If you don’t remember or even know about it, search on our magazine and you’ll find everything about it.

Okay, that was the old makeover, what about the recent one?! The newly engaged singer has gone back to her safe zone which is always playing with colors. Yes, she’s dyed her hair! Avril has proven that she’s totally coping with the latest trends by debuting a dip dyed pink hair. I know that you’re about to ask me; “when has she done such a thing?” Based on what I know, she has done that a few days ago. By the way, I have to tell you that it’s not the first time this month, and earlier she wore a hair full of neon green and pink streaks which had the same wacky, yet eye catching look as this recent one. By the way, if you can’t imagine it, you can definitely see it as I added a picture of our beloved star while wearing it. Anyways, let me tell you that the common thing between the two times isn’t just the month, but also the base blonde color. Do you think that she’s going to opt for any other drastic changes in the left few months of 2012 or not?! I don’t think that she’s going to stop doing that! I guess that I’m going to conclude our topic with that question. So don’t forget to answer it and tell us your opinion about that new hair color, as well.

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