Avril Lavigne Hairstyles

Today’s topic is going to be about the hairstyles worn by one of the most famous, young female stars in the whole world who has been capable to take all the attentions and catch all the eyes by her multi talents and glam, yet edgy looks. The star whom I’m talking about is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer and an occasional actress as well. Do you know whom I’m talking about?! Dear readers, I’m talking about Avril Lavigne. Since her beginnings, the Canadian musician has been able to wow us by her punk and sort of wild looks in which the hair has been a major part. For sure, it’s not the first time to hear about or read that sentence, right? Avril Lavigne is like many celebrity who know that getting a glam and eye catching look always starts from the head! The beloved, stylish celeb has been known by her admiration of having a long layered hair. Briefly, you can say that the long layered haircut is of her most favorites. How smart she’s? She’s been totally aware of how much sexy and versatile the long hair with layers can be. Besides, she has styled it in quite few but very sexy and stylish ways. One of the hairstyles that she has been famous of is the flowing hairstyle. She has sported different styles of it; straight, curly and wavy. All of them have looked very stylish and glamorous, but honestly the first one have been more stylish and sultry.

Besides, she has also been fascinated by sporting the girlish and soft half up half down hairdos; mostly the straight ones. Most of them have come with a bouffant at the front. You may say that the bouffant has been considered as the most common thing between her different half updos. But, in the same time, it has been the thing that differentiates a one from another. Quite strange, isn’t it? Before you ask me; ‘How?’, let me say it. It’s been the common as it has been a part of them all, but its volume has changed from one to another and that’s how it has differentiated them. Got it? If so, continue reading. Otherwise, stop! Just kidding! Let me not forget to tell you that she has also sported a very creative style of the half updo hairstyles in which the hair at one side has been braided while at the other one has been left loose and flowing on her shoulder. So sexy and alluring, isn’t it? Lavigne hasn’t stopped at sporting the couple of hairdos mentioned above, but she’s also been seen sporting the mid height and side swept ponytails. Some of them have been curly while the others have been straight. Also, you have to know that some of them have come with center parting while the others have come with bouffant. Actually, all of them have looked in very stunning and stylish look. Just it, we’re done! Those are the most famous hairstyles of the star Avril Lavigne. I hear someone asking about the updos?! Mmm, it seems that our beloved singer hasn’t been keen on sporting them, even though she has been seen once sporting a loose, low bun which has looked in a casual and soft way. But we don’t know whether she’s going to try sporting any other style of the updos in the future or not! None can predict. So, let’s wait and see.

As you can see that all of the mentioned hairstyles have had that stylish and glam, yet eye catching look. Then, what give them the funky, punk and edgy look that we’ve mentioned at the start?! Of course, it isn’t the cut as I said above that her hair has gone nowhere from being long & layered. I think that nothing left but the hair colors, right? How smart we’re. Actually, that’s what our punk and stylish star has done since her appearance till now is to play with her hair colors to obtain the funky and edgy looks of her. Based on what i have seen and known, she has made use of the following colors; green, pink, red, brunette and black. Some of them have been used to dye her full head while the others have been used as highlights and lowlights for her blonde hair. After you’ve known the secret behind the glamour, stylishness and edginess of Avril Lavigne hairstyles, nothing left for me to say except to tell you that if you are about to copycat any of the last mentioned hairstyles, don’t forget to pick the one that suits your facial shape, hair nature and personality as well. Now is the time to tell you goodbyes and enjoy!!

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