Avril Lavigne Hair 2012

Curious to know what the beloved pop princess Avril Lavigne has done with her hair this year? If so, I have to tell you that you’ve definitely come to the right place at the right time as that’s going to be our topic today! So consider yourself very, very lucky and smart! In 2012, Avril’s hair has gone nowhere from its safe zone which means that it has looked on the same edgy and funky, yet stylish way. But let me admit that it has looked more fresh, glam and shiny. I have to say that to relieve my conscience! Anyway, that has been so obvious in all the aspects related to it starting from the colors to the styles and cuts. So, let’s talk about each of them at a side. First of all, our famous Canadian pop star still sports the long layered haircuts. That’s made many of her fans to say that she’s totally attached to them and it’s not expected that she would ever get rid of them! The same as she hasn’t got rid of her long layered hair, Avril hasn’t opted for styling it in new or different ways than the ones she has been famous of through her career life. Hence, prepare yourself to see her sporting the straight, curly and sort of messy loose, flowing hairstyles which have had the same glam and shiny, yet stylish way like before. Besides, she has sported her favorite half up half down hairdos. Just it, those are the only hairstyles that she has worn exchangeably till now. Maybe, she’s going to wear other ones in the upcoming days, who knows? Just let’s wait and see!

By now, you’ve known that neither her hair styles nor cuts have changed. Then, what made me to say that it has looked more fresh and glam this year?! Woman, read the first sentence of that paragraph again! You’re going to find that we’ve not mentioned the colors till now which have been the main reasons behind making it looks on that way. Can you guess what sort of colors she has used? and how have they been used? Let’s answer that couple of questions in order. Mainly, she has relied on using the blonde as the base color and other colors; black, brown, red, pink, blue and green as hair highlights and lowlights. I know that you die to know how they have been combined together in which technique, don’t you? So, let me tell. Using either the green or pink & blue to get a funky and dapper, yet stylish dip dyed hair is what the rocker pop singer has done this year. Besides, she has also opted for using the rest colors to get a hair which is full of highlighted and lowlighted strands.

Let me not forget to tell you two things she has also done this year which have been shocking; one in good way and the another one in sort of creepy and strange way. Do you wish to mention which one firstly? I prefer to start with the creepy one and leave the other one to the end to make a balance. Recently, she has appeared with a two toned hair with brown peek a boo lowlights. I hear someone saying; what makes it creepy from your point of view? Woman, the distribution of the colors is the creepy! As the bangs and some thick strands of her hair have been black while the rest of it has been blonde, add to them the peek a boo lowlights! Can you imagine it? If you don’t, wait to see the pictures. The second look which has been like a surprise is the light blond hair which has given her so sultry and feminine look. Unfortunately, some have said that it has been just a wig! But i think whether it’s been a wig or not, it’s enough for all her fans to see her looking in that gorgeous and feminine way. By the way, you can see it in ‘Goodbye’ video clip. Now, I can tell that you have known everything about how Avril Lavigne’s hair has looked like this year. So, why don’t you make a benefit of that? Pick any of its colors, styles or cuts, try it and stun & shock everyone by your new rocking and punk, yet stylish look!

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