Australian Resort-Style Garden on Natalie Court by Cos Design

Australian Resort Style Garden in Natalie Court by Cos Design 03


Home of the Australian Ballet, Melbourne is a cultural capital in the heart of the state of Victoria, Australia. Lying to the south east of Melbourne is Cranbourne West, where the Australian resort-styled garden on Natalie Court has been created by the design team at Cos Design. Working in conjunction with Aloha Pools and the homeowners, Cos Design have been able to tell a modern contemporary story with their use of geometric structures and organic neutral tones. The vibrant natural hues of a well watered lawn, natural wood pillars, lightly toned concrete and sky blue waters make for a rejuvenating theme accented by lush garden greenery.




A traditional pool set amidst an expansive backyard serves as the focal point for outdoor entertainment. An elevated spa adjacent a sunning ledge provides a myriad of options for recreation, while yew toned wood makes the deck stand out against the rustic colors of the dividing wall feature.


A meditation area allows for a place for relaxation in this yard, which offers plenty of scope for a variety of outdoor activities. The volumetric curve at the back of the outdoor space is home to a customized trampoline feature, ensuring the area can be equally enjoyed by children as well as adults.


Looking along the length of the pool, we are able to appreciate the metal art structure at the back retaining wall which lends well to the ‘au courant’ design and use of the space. Sun loungers and well placed rock features create a dramatic flair al fresco spaces should possess.



The orbicular form of this piece lends some softness to the hard angles used throughout the layout. The use of a matching tone to the deep warm browns for the bones of this sculpture provides continuity of design. This is highlighted by the rusty hues found in the walls of the natural rock planter which house Mexican Grass plants.


In creating an arboricultural haven, the choice to use functional plant life, such as Aloe, cosigns the ecologically friendly base of the design.


One of the more interesting features is this full service outdoor kitchen, complete with a chimney ventilation hood. This area has ample seating for family gatherings, while the use of natural wood furnishings cleverly counteracts the concrete island. Beautiful white colored metal cabinetry will stand up to the regional weather conditions and across from the prep area is a functional pizza oven that speaks volumes for the amount of fun a family can, and will, have in this great al fresco space.



Flagstone rocks pair well with the glass tile coping of the spa feature. The organic design is refreshing and cleverly conceived.



As the night falls, a firepit area beckons to us to fill the air with campfire songs while roasting marshmallows over the open flame against indigo skies, while the reflection of the night’s sky against the iridescent hue of the pool is mesmerizing.



Rectilinear garden accents continue the contemporary theme of the design, while adding bursts of vibrant color to the surrounding landscape. With its Asian-inspired design, Natalie Court has something for every member of the family including, but not limited to, a half-court basketball area, ensuring that along with the trampoline, the children will not need too much tempting to get outside and make the most of the fresh air.

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