Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles

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Audrey Hepburn was one of the glamorous, elegant and shinny stars in the sky of Hollywood. Beside having a great acting talent, Audrey Hepburn wore many glamorous, elegant, soft and spectacular hairstyles. In fact, Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles can’t be described by those simple words and none can find the right words to describe her hairstyles. The brief statement that can express how glamorous those hairstyles were is; “Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles are still alive till our recent days, despite Audrey’s death!!”. I think you can understand a lot from that brief statement!!. You can say that Audrey’s hairstyles are one of the most trendy and popular Vintage hairstyles among the women. Audrey Hepburn had cut her hair into various ways, so sometimes Audrey’s hair was long or medium while in the other times it was short!!.. Concerning the hair color, Audrey’s hair was either black, blonde or brunette. Audrey wore various hairstyles for all those haircuts and colors. So, You can say that Audrey was very diverse in anything related to her hair or to her looks in general.. So, let’s take a look on the Audrey’s hairstyles and prepare yourself for being caught by the glamorous looks of those hairstyles. For her long and medium haircuts, Audrey wore very elegant and stunning hairstyles. For example, Audrey wore the straight sleek hairstyles with the center parting and blunt bangs. That hairstyle had very elegant and charming look. Beside wearing the Straight Sleek hairstyle, Audrey wore the ponytails hairstyles and the half up & half down hairstyles. She also wore very elegant, classy and chic Up-do hairstyles like the high buns, the French Twist and the Chignons. I can’t mention Audrey’s Up-dos without mentioning an important thing. Really I can’t, what is that thing?!!.. Wait a minute to remember?!.. The important thing about Audrey’s Up-dos that she invented one of the trendy Up-dos that are being worn by women in our recent days and that Up-do was called the “Pineable Up do”!!. Beside those elegant and chic long & medium hairstyles, Audrey wore stunning, soft and nice short hairstyles. For her short haircut, Audrey wore the Pixie cut hairstyles, the Finger wave bob hairstyles and the straight sleek bob hairstyles. Audrey combined those short hairstyles with the short tresses, bangs and the side or center partings.. Beside doing so, Audrey was very smart and creative about all of her hairstyles and she wore many elegant hair accessories to add more elegance and femininity to her hairstyles like; the hats, the tiaras and the diamond headbands. That was very smart move from her side as she absolutely succeeded in forcing her hair to give her what she wanted!!.. I think there’s nothing more to say about Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles except advising you to pick one of Audrey’s hairstyles and wearing them. Just prepare yourself for getting more glamour and elegance than you’ve ever imagined!!

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