Attractive Tile Backsplashe Ideas for Modern Kitchens

Tile Backsplashe Ideas

To add a very distinguished character to your kitchen, consider original customizing for the backsplash. If your popular models in stainless steel, slate or granite don’t satisfy you; why don’t you think in an ultra decorative look depending on the huge diversity of tiles? The result can be stunning, as you are going to see in the following designs. Dare to add some fancy touches for a very unique look; the combination between many decorative tile styles can create a lot of creativity: we see in this picture of the white & green kitchen how the backsplash combines fancy patterned tiles (lizards, checkers, tree leaves) with retro tiles in a mixture of colors in a mismatched setting on the wall, note that only few square tiles have been placed on the blue painted backsplash, however the result is very original & lively. In another model, we see how black and white square tiles are wisely alternated to form a checkerboard look on the wall; very graphic and with the red kitchen it looks so fashionable. And since we are talking about tiles, we can’t forget mosaic backsplashes; original, modern & very chic. The pixilated effect gives the kitchen an attractive ambience, besides being very trendy. For minimalist kitchens, it is enough to create a clean backsplash using a unified color with very light touches; pure white tiles in very geometric shapes with soft motifs delicately decorating few squares. For a very unique & contemporary kitchen look; the rectangular tiles are the new backsplash fashion. Its visual effect reminds of the brick walls which brings a creative look that’s very contemporary.

Attractive Tile Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens 1

Attractive Tile Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens 2

Attractive Tile Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens 3

Attractive Tile Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens 4

Attractive Tile Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens 5

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