Ashley Benson New Blonde Hair Color 2013

Ashley Benson New Blonde Hair Color 2013 1

Hi ladies!! Do you still remember what Jennifer Lawrence has done to her hair earlier this year?! Exactly!! She’s gone from brunette to blonde and then back to brunette again. Now, let’s make the sequence be: blonde to brunette and then back to blonde. No, no my dear readers, JLaw isn’t the star who has done that this time. So………….. who?! Hmm………………..It’s Ashley Benson!

Oh! Yes, that’s right. I know that many of you are so shocked to see the star going back to her signature blonde hair color after spending only a few weeks debuting the brunette hue! Why??…. Maybe, she has noticed – or let’s say got convinced – that blondes have much more fun than brunettes. Do you think that she will eventually dye her new blond tresses brunette again later in 2013?! Okay, forget about this absurd question and concentrate on this important one: Which color do you like more, the blonde or the brown?

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