Ashanti Hairstyles

Hello, pretties! Today, we’re going to present to you a lookbook of the hairstyles worn by her over the years. Don’t you feel that there’s something missing, like a word or sentence?! Yes? So what is it? Okay, don’t say a word as I knew it! I forgot to tell you that the word ‘her’ refers to the super sexy and stylish singer Ashanti. I hear some of you saying loudly; “Yippee, she’s my role model!” So let’s make use of this enthusiasm and start our presentation. The most important thing that you need to know before anything is that our star’s hair has been seen in different lengths starting from the long and medium to the short.

I know that some of you would say that they’ve never seen her wear short hair, right? If so, let me ask you a question which is; “don’t you ever remember seeing Ashanti wear a short red bob haircut during her career life?” Nope! Okay, don’t bother yourselves; it’s not a big deal! The most important thing is that now you know what sort of short ‘dos she’s opted to wear. Another thing you need to keep in your mind is that it’s said that this bobbed hair has been nothing but a wig! But would it make any difference if it has been a wig or not?! I, myself, guess that it wouldn’t make any difference at all as long as our beloved star has looked so fashionable and fabulous. Let me not forget to say that you can see another glam bob haircut in today’s lookbook, but this time it’s a medium one!

Besides these bob haircuts, the “Foolish” singer has opted to sport the different styles of down dos starting from the ultra-sleek, straight to the curly and wavy; all of these flowing ‘dos have had a glamorous and sultry look that can truly charm you! Also, the star has stunned us with the diverse styles of the half up half down, braided, and ponytail hairdos she’s worn since her beginnings. Concerning the ponytails, the star has opted to wear the low, sideswept, and high styles of them. On the other side, concerning the first ones, which are the half updos, you need to know that she has accented some of them with pompadours, which have made them look much more stylish. What about the braids? Concerning them, the R&B singer hasn’t gone so far from wearing the classic braids and using micro braids to accentuate some of her ‘dos.

In addition to all of the last mentioned hairstyles, Ashanti has opted to wear diverse styles of updos such as; the top knots, buns, braided updos, and others that are more than amazing, gorgeous, fabulous, elegant, alluring, sexy,,, my precious fans, would you please stop me?! Thanks a lot! Anyways, you need to know that some of these updos have had that glamorous, retro look. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the closure page of today’s lookbook. Yup, it’s definitely time to say goodbyes! Just don’t forget two things. The first one is to take your hair type and face shape into your considerations while copycatting any of the last mentioned ‘dos. The second thing is that we always wish you a gorgeous, sparkling, and sexy look…

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