Ashanti Hairstyles 2012

Ashanti Hairstyles 2012

“How has the famous R&B singer Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, or aka Ashanti, worn her hair locks since the beginnings of 2012 till now?” is definitely the question that we’re going to answer today. Yup, ladies, we’re going to present you a hairstyles’ lookbook of hers! Like usual, we’re going to say a few important things concerning our beloved star’s hair then begin our presentation! The first thing you should know is that her locks have been nothing but long since the year has started. But who knows what might happen in the upcoming days!!

The second one is that her hair has been seen in dark, dark, dark, ombre, and yet another dark colors this year. You can say that the “Foolish” singer just wanted to break the routine by wearing the red ombre locks for a while or maybe she wanted to cope with the trends. Whatever! The third thing is that Shequoiya hasn’t done like the other long haired female celebs and worn so-many diverse styles and ‘dos. This was the last thing, which means that our presentation is about to begin starting from the next section.

The ultra-sleek straight down dos are literally among the most worn hairstyles by the “Coach Carter” actress during 2012. Take a glimpse at the attached pictures below and you’re going to see this with your own eyes! You can also notice that she’s opted for wearing both of the luscious curly and wavy down dos. You need to know that sometimes she’s let her locks flow on both of her shoulders while at others, she’s swept them aside. In either case, she’s looked superhot, gorgeous, glamorous, and elegant. Another thing you need to know is that one or maybe two of these flowing hairstyles have been accented with braids.

The next and last hairstyles that you can see Ashanti wearing are the high ponytails. Yeah, ladies, the last ones! All of these ponys have had that so-chic, alluring, and eye catching look. Do you remember the last sentence in the previous section?! Yes? Then, consider that you’ve read it here! It seems that the braids have been the star’s best hair accessory this year. Now, I can say that you, our precious fans, are absolutely free to go! Just don’t forget to take your hair type, face shape and style into your considerations while copycatting any of Ashanti’s hairstyles. Ladies, don’t deny, I’m pretty sure that there’re some of you who are about to do that! So enjoy catching all the eyes with your sexy look..










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