Artistic Kitchen Island Design Ideas – ISOLA Linear by TOYO

isola linear artistic kitchen

If you are looking for an original kitchen design that looks unique and luxurious at the same time, take a look at ISOLA Linear launched by TOYO. The design is composed of just a kitchen island with hood which makes it practical for small spaces; however it looks very elegant yet contemporary. The kitchen’s minimalist design with geometric shapes and clean lines is adding a modern & stylish look into the place, the stainless steel used in the kitchen island finishes adds a beautiful & bright look and matches perfectly with the modern style. What is making this design looking really distinctive is the prestigious artistic work used to decorate the modern kitchen island; a beautiful panel on top of the island is in fact the sink’s back, thanks to Venetian glass mosaics that decorate it Aesthetically, it looks exactly like a precious work of art. Beautiful mosaics panels are also decorating the hood and part of the island; it’s up to you to choose between 5 different patterns and 4 types of mosaic. Mosaic colors are matching with the stainless steel finishes; they vary between gray, silver, black and white. This elegant design is also practical; the island is equipped with a high tech stove as well as a large sink, you can choose an island with only a stove and the rest of the countertop can be used as a dining table. It can also be completed with a large cabinet that’s very useful for storage. ISOLA Linear can simply solve your space problem and offer you a modern luxury atmosphere.

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