Ariel Winter Becomes a Redhead!!

Ariel Winter New Hair Color 2013 2


“Ohhh! I look like The Little Mermaid!” That’s what gorgeous 15-year-old actress Ariel Winter posted on her Twitter account a few weeks ago. Well… maybe she didn’t say exactly those words, but she came close. Wanna know what she said? I’ll tell you, and you’ll understand immediately what she had in mind when she said it. The Modern Family starlet said, “Soooooo….I dyed my hair red….#littlemermaid.”


No problem figuring that out, right? Yeees, Precious Reader, it’s obvious! Ms. Winter ditched her stunning brunette hair for this oh-so-Ariel-red look that makes her super hot. What do I mean by “oh-so-Ariel”? Ladies, if you’ve gotten lost in a generation gap, let me help you out: it means those fiery tresses make the young star look exactly like Disney Princess The Little Mermaid, whose name is Ariel, too. You might say that Princess Ariel has inspired actress Ariel!

Now… When did the ParaNorman actress introduce her new hair color? Precious Reader, I said earlier that she revealed it on her twitter account a few weeks ago. Yes, I did. I mean she did… Whatever! Ms. Winter posted a pic of her new hairdo with her tweet. With this tiny piece of info, I’m outta here. Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, good-bye. (P.S. Let us know what you think of Ariel’s new red locks.)

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