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If you’re looking for rocky, punk and funky hairstyles, then i’d have to tell you that you won’t find any hairstylist better than April Barton to give you that sort of hairstyles. April Barton has been known by her creativity, great talent and wide artistic vision among the whole world of hairdressing. April Barton has been known by her funky, stylish and fashionable haircuts and styles for both men and women. The weird thing is that April Barton at the start of her career life hasn’t been attracted to such sort of hairstyles. She had even been one of the most famous hairdressers in the field of creating the elegant and classy grooming hairstyles!!. So, what a jump?!. I mean from the elgant and classy grooming hairstyles to the punk and funky weird unisex hairstyles!. Anyway, you can say that April Barton has proven her creativity in creating the most stylish and punk hairstyles. That’s the main reason that many celebrities who are admirers of that sort of look have been regular clients in April Barton’s hair salon. Some of April’s clientable celebrities are; Avril Lavigne, Bonnie Raitt and Mary J. Anyway, April has created punk hairstyles for all the haircuts; the long, the medium and the short haircuts. Of course, that’s for both the men and the women.. April has also used the different hair colors whether the traditional & natural colors or the untraditional colors. April has also made all the possible combinations of those hair colors to get more and more punk, stylish and funky looks. Truly, she’s succeeded in doing so! So, let’s take a very speedy look on some of the funky hairstyles made by April for both men and women. For our ladies, April made use of straight hairstyles, layered hairstyles, choppy hairstyles, messy hairstyles, shaggy hairstyles, bob hairstyles and pixie cut hairstyles. She has made the same with men, but just added to them spiky hairstyles, flattop hairstyles and the bald head.. In fact, all of the funky hairstyles made by April Barton whether for men or for women have the most funky, stylish and fashionable looks that you can ever see! So, I think by now you’ve known your destintion for getting the punk and rocky hairstyles! It’s always April Barton and maybe no body else!!!..

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